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Fillet of steak in Soia Bread

Cold chicken liver and sage timbale

Scampi Crêpe Rolls on cream of asparagus sauce

Sliced sea bass "as in Rome"

Roast lamb with artichokes

Chicken livers with stinging nettles and pine kernels

Puréed "caponata" soup with basil and mint

Fan of partridge breast garnished with truffles

Fresh pasta "alla Chitarra" with chilli flavoured scampi

Green rice

Leg of lamb stuffed with artichokes

Risotto Empoli style

Cream of asparagus and scampi noodles

Fillets of veal au gratin with bread and mustard seed crust

Etruscan Pie

Pumpkin panzerotti with walnut sauce

Potato gnocchi with meat sauce

Potato gnocchi with prawns and white truffles

Sturgeon in foil

Typical recipes: Acqua cotta dei Bovari

Grilled white turbot on artichokes flavoured with oil and herb vinegar

Rabbit sauce - Florentine style tripe

Farfalle with robiola, baby marrows and raw tomatoes

Pappardelle with hare sauce

Pinot braised bass with vegetables in season

Turban of cod covered in beans on a bed of shellfish and crispy spelt

Apple tart with coffee ice-cream

Pasta stuffed with basil flavoured ricotta


Fresh "Maltagliati" pasta with scampi

Chianti flavoured fillet of steak

Pasta e fagioli alla fiorentina

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